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General conditions

Disclaimer Segway
Article 1

Segway Events is not liable for damages in any form occurred during the Segway activities and / or the Segway tour to the participants, third parties and / or goods.

Article 2

The lessee is liable for all obligations under this agreement

Article 3

Payment needs to be made in full before delivery of rental equipment, unless otherwise agreed

Article 4

The Segways are only allowed on the public roads on the conditions set by Segway Events

Article 5

In case of damage and / or breakage, the entire purchase price of the items is to be paid to Segway Events. This is not the case if the client has waived damages. In the case of obvious abuse or vandalism, the client  will be responsible for these costs despite the damage waiver.

Article 6

The Segways are insured against general liability by Segway Events

Article 7

Any driver of the Segway should have undergone a short driving training. The lessee is responsible for this

Article 8

Participation in the Segway activities  is permitted for persons of  16 years of age and older with a minimum weight of 45 kg and a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Article 9

Lessee must comply to any and all local traffic regulations. Any traffic fine (s) shall be borne by the lessee.

Article 10

Segway Eventsis at all times entitled, in the case of alcohol usage or misuse of the Segways by the lessee, to retrieve the rented Segway(s) within the rental period without a refund.

Article 11

Without explicit permission from Segway Events the Segways may not be used on trails, beach and / or in puddles.

Article 12

In the case of an early return of the rented segways, the full rent will be charged.

Article 13

In the case of loss or theft, the full purchase price of the Segway is to be paid to Segway Events. This applies only if Segway Events does not provide tour guides.

Article 14

If due to weather conditions determined on the day of the event the tour / workshop can not continue and Segway Events has not yet traveled to the location of the event and / or Segway Events has not incurred any costs (3d party hire, personnel, planning) then the agreement for the rental period  will be postponed. If possible and desired by the lessee the agreement will be fulfilled  at  a later date (within 6 months) at the agreed cost. These costs will be immediately invoiced before or after (whichever is agreed) the original event date. If not possible or desired by the client to postpone the event  the agreed rental sum will be invoiced immediately before or after the event date.
If during the tour / workshop the weather does not permit the tour / workshop to continue, the cost will be charged for 100%. If the client  wants to stop during the tour / workshop itself  the full agreed amount will be charged.
In all cases Segway Events is the one that determines whether the weather is such that the event can not take place or has to be interrupted

Article 15
All mentioned prices in these T&C are excluding 21% salestax
Article 16

Segway tour only start when there is at least 4 people.

Article 17

There is no refund if you cancel the booking, if you reduce the number of persons or if you arrive late. You can move your booking to another date up to 5 days before the tour. You can call or mail us to change the date.